The largest private collection

of Zambian Art and African artefacts.


Welcome to Chaminuka

The collection is spread throughout the Lodge, the guest suites and the gardens, and highlights the African culture and way of life over the centuries.


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We have always supported the arts in Zambia, and we often hold special openings and exhibitions, giving you a chance to meet artists in person. These exclusive events give our guests a chance to understand what the motivations and inspiration behind the art.

Featured Artists

The works of many of Zambia’s greatest artists such as Henry Tayali, Godfrey Setti, Patrick Mumba, Patson Lombe, Shadreck Simukanga, Enock Ilunga, Raphael Mutulikwa, Stary Mwaba, Mulenga Chafilwa, Stephen Kapata, Peter Maibwe, and the renowned sculptor Flinto Chandia.


The Art @ Chaminuka collection features the works of many of Zambia’s greatest artists:


  • >> Henry Tayali
  • >> Godfrey Setti
  • >> Patrick Mumba
  • >> Patson Lombe
  • >> Shadreck Simukanga
  • >> Enock Ilunga
  • >> Raphael Mutulikwa
  • >> Stary Mwaba
  • >> Mulenga Chafilwa
  • >> Stephen Kapata
  • >> Peter Mabiwe
  • >> Flinto Chandia