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Choose your own adventure or kick your feet up and relax, there is plenty to do while at Chaminuka. Just a short drive from the newly built Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, it is the perfect gateway to Zambia and Africa.

Cheetah Walk

Ever wondered what it feels like to walk with the fastest animal on the planet? Elegant in its stride, this makes it one of the most thrilling wildlife experiences ever. Chipo and Chaminuka have lived on the estate since they were cubs and the staff has a long-term commitment to preserving and protecting this incredible and near-endangered species.

Elephant Interaction

Follow in the steps of the largest land mammal on the planet and see nature from its perspective. Kachele and her young spend most of their day wandering the property eating and don’t mind having some human company.

Kachele was an orphan adopted by Chaminuka in 1992 and she likes to return to her “house” in the evenings. In 2016, the experienced Chaminuka staff decided to bring in 3 more elephant calves, which Kachele naturally adopted and are now part of our daily lives. Come and experience the tranquility, freedom and peaceful co-existence this elephant family experiences with other animals and humans.

Lion Feeding

See the king of the jungle like you never have before. Lions spend a limited amount of time hunting and eating, and the remainder of it resting. This means they are mostly seen at ease and one might assume they are lazy. This still does not take away from their majestic appearance, and encountering a lion that is about to eat is an unparalleled experience. The look in their eyes, their roaring and pacing will a raise primal energy never felt before. Join our expert staff during our lion feeding for an unforgettable moment.

Game Drive

Drive around our 40+ square kilometer estate to see a variety of wildlife and spot some of the most intriguing animals (some found only in Zambia) with the help of our experienced guides. Chaminuka has over 7,000 animals and is still making additions to the large family. The reserve plays host to several habitats and from marshy swamps to open plains, savannah to miombo forests; more than 70 species of wildlife call it home. It features three of the Big Five and all of Zambia’s 18 antelope species.

The Reserve is also within an important ornithological area – a true testimony to its tranquility and peace. More than 300 bird species can be spotted around Chaminuka’s lakes and wetlands, many permanent and others flying through as part of their annual migration from Southern Africa to West Africa, the Russian steppes and back.

Cheese and Wine tasting

From Cheddar to Cheshire, Edam to Emmenthal, and Gouda to Gruyere, our award-wining cheeses are made on the estate and we would love for you to find out why they are revered. This activity is set in an aesthetically rich grotto designed by renowned Zambian artists.


If you are looking for a quiet escape that allows you some inner peace and reward, fishing is a recommended activity. We have varying types of bream, catfish and nchenga for you to catch in the lake’s water.


Enjoy a romantic couple’s ride or an exciting group outing in a speedboat on our very own Lake Chitoka. With over 300 species of birds spread around the reserve and its water bodies, you’ll get the chance to spot some interesting winged creatures in their natural habitat, or simply enjoy the cool wind whispering in your ear.

Horseback Riding and Safaris

Traverse landscapes that motor vehicles can’t reach and immerse yourself even more into nature on horseback. This guided tour allows you to explore the estate in unmatched serenity that lets you encounter far more animals than you would in a car.

Walking Safari

The truest and most rewarding safari experience is to be at the same level as the animals. Explore our estate and get acquainted with its ecosystem. Not just the wildlife either: it’s the plants, the trees, the fruits, the calls, sounds, chirps, sights and the smells. Let our guides impart their knowledge on the cycle of nature and the delicate balance that Chaminuka has preserved in the wake of an ever-expanding urban civilization.

Bird Watching

The diversity of the habitat at Chaminuka makes it a premier birding destination. More than 300 species of birdlife have been recorded at the Nature Reserve, among them the Chaplin’s barbet- a species unique to Zambia. Should you wish to go bird watching please ask at the Front Desk and they will be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

Art Tour

If you’d like a guided tour of the Sardanis’s extensive art collection, please make arrangements with the Front Desk. It is a brief journey into the history of Zambia, and also a glimpse into other African cultures through art collected over a period of 50 years. The Chaminuka Art App will be available on Google Play store, Android Gallery App and Apple. Please consult with the front desk if you wish to download and use this app.

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